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Special Reports

Timeline of the Path to War: The August 2002-March 2003 Sequence of Events Leading to the Coalition War With Iraq 

Timeline of Principal Combat Operations of the US-led Coalition Attack on Iraq , March 19- April 9, 2003

Timeline of Key Events in Iraq, April 10, 2003-June 30, 2004

January 10, 2005: Iraqi Leadership, In Battle For Survival and Under Direct Coercion, Begins Process of Cooperation With Iranian and Syrian Leaderships

December 16, 2004: Iraq Government Makes Definitive Statement Accusing Iran of Terrorist Attacks

September 8, 2004: Reports of French Involvement in Niger-Iraq Uranium Case Not Reliable

September 2, 2004: The US “Intelligence Wars” and the War on Terrorism

August 24, 2004: How Iran Planned the an-Najaf Escalation in Iraq as Build-Up to Major Conflict

July 19, 2004: New Iraqi Security Body

July 14, 2004: Philippine Islamist Threat Expected to Surge, While US Support Cools, Following Compromise With Iraqi Terror Group

July 13, 2004: Questions Surround Syrian Intelligence Rôle in Journey of US Marine Cpl. Hassoun

June 30, 2004: New Iranian Deployments on Iraq Border; Washington, Baghdad Brace for July Offensive

June 29, 2004: Ramifications of Early Transfer of Sovereignty to Interim Iraqi Government

June 21, 2004: Iraqi Ba’athist Forces Formally Submit to Islamist Control

June 17, 2004: Iraq’s Kurdish Leaders, With Iranian Support and No US Understanding, Seem Set to Break Up Iraq

June 17, 2004: US Claims New Iraqi Government Ready to Handle All Ministries by June 30, 2004, Deadline

June 16, 2004: Major Review of Iraq War Offers Substantial Evidence of WMD, Terror Links, and Intelligence, Policy Failures

June 2, 2004: Iraqi Governing Council Selects Transition Leadership

June 1, 2004: Between Tehran, Baghdad and the Heart of the United States

May 26, 2004: US Force Commander in Iraq Slated For Replacement

May 18, 2004: New Spanish Government Had Reached Accord with Iraqi Cleric Moqtada Sadr

May 18, 2004: Two New Iraqi Military Commands Replace Single Coalition’s CJTF7

April 14, 2004: New Iranian Deployments in Iraq; Sadr’s Mahdi Army Tests Coalition Forces; Questions Surround Syrian WMD Movement. Includes 1998 Report to the US Congress.

April 6, 2004: Iraqi Opposition Offers a Plan to Rival the US Promise of Democracy

March 23, 2004: New Development in Anti-US Resistance in Iraq

March 11, 2004: Hans Blix and the Politics of Smug Myopia

February 24, 2004: Iran, Syria Evaluate Iraq Policy; Imad Mugniyah Removed But Additional IRGC, HizbAllah Inserted

January 30, 2004: Iraqi WMD Debate and Intelligence Failed to View Total Picture

September 2, 2003: The Najaf Bombing: Iran’s Clerics Prosper; Threat of Iraqi Civil War Becomes Real

August 12, 2003: Baghdad Bombing Continues to Raise Issues; HizbAllah Attacks on Northern Israel Appear Linked to Broader Tehran-Damascus Aspirations  

July 29, 2003: Special Report Niger-Iraq Uranium Reports Involve Ongoing Libyan Deception Ops 

July 29, 2003: US Fast Gathering Evidence of Iraqi WMD; “Proof” Seen As Critical for Further Regional Actions by US Bush Administration 

July 28, 2003: Niger-Iraq Fissile Material Issue Escalates; More Expected 

July 25, 2003: Killing of Qusay and Uday Saddam Hussein Hastens Coalition Domination of Iraq; Strengthens Iraqi Kurds Relationship With US

June 9, 2003: Book Review The United Nations and Iraq: Defanging the Viper

June 5, 2003: Special Report The War Against Saddam: a Justifiable Act? 

June 2, 2003: Reports Place Saddam, Scientists in Libya, But GIS Sources Believe Only Qusay in Libya; Uday in Belarus 

May 30, 2003: Iranian Clerics Meet With Iraqi Ba’athists to Form New Terrorist Operation; Bin Laden/Islamists Team With Ba’athists

May 28, 2003: Psychological Strategy Special Report Coalition-sponsored Media Face Major Challenges in Post-War Influence Operations in Iraq

May 19, 2003: Pentagon Report Iraq “Lessons Learned” Accelerates Change, Debate in Defense Restructuring

May 15, 2003: Special Report Performance in the 2003 Iraq War of Pivotal Concern in Planning New Doctrine, Systems

May 13, 2003: Iran, Libya Embarked on Massive Political Influence Campaigns in US, Elsewhere

May 5, 2003: A Look at the Naval Lessons Available to the US from the Iraq War

April 22, 2003: US Civil Administrator Arrives in Baghdad

April 15, 2003: UK, US Denials of Impending Invasion of Syria Leave Room for Maneuver, Military Action Against Baghdad

April 15, 2003: Special Report A Perspective on the Consequences of the Fall of Baghdad

April 14, 2003: Threat of Emplaced WMD Detonation Not Yet Ruled Out in Iraq; Prospect of Attack on Israel Also Not Yet Totally Negated

April 11, 2003: Libyan Aircraft Collects “VIP Group” From Syria; Flies Back to Libya

April 11, 2003: Leading Iraqi Hojjat ol-Islam Hacked to Death in Najaf, Reportedly by Iranian Agents

April 10, 2003: Special Report The Contribution of Knowledge Management During Times of National Security Crisis: Lessons of the Iraq War

April 9, 2003: Iraq Displays Effective Resistance in Pockets, Highlighting Syrian Support Rôle; Saddam Believed Out of Baghdad

April 4, 2003: Special Report Volunteers for Iraq: Propaganda Value Trumps Military Value

April 3, 2003: Special Report: The Strategic Environment After Iraq: Changes in the Fundamentals?

March 31, 2003: Iraq Signifies Readiness to Engage Israel; Tests SSM Deployments in Western Desert

March 28, 2003: Strategic Trends in Iraq War Show Coalition Success and Concerns; Linkages Between Osama bin Laden/al-Qaida and Iraq Outlined

March 24, 2003: Special Report Two Wars, One Battlefield: The New Jihad is Called in the Iraq War

March 24, 2003: Propaganda Trap Possibly Set for the Allies in Iraqi War

March 21, 2003: Initial Iraq War Indications: Scuds and Other SSMs Active; ABM Systems Operational

March 20, 2003: Iraq Deadline Passes

March 18, 2003: US Ready to Act on Iraq

March 11, 2003: Saddam Delivers Islamist Message to Prepare for His Possible Disappearance During Conflict

March 4, 2003: Special Report What Will Drive Defense Procurement in the “Post-Iraq” Era?

March 4, 2003: Weapons Record Al-Samoud 2 Theater Ballistic Weapon

March 3, 2003: Saddam Succeeds in Staving Off Favored US Date for Attack

February 27, 2003: US Bush Administration Looking Beyond Iraq to Promote Change in Iran, Libya and Syria

February 27, 2003: Iraq Conflict Distorts Settlement of Cyprus Problem

February 26, 2003: Saddam’s Further Preparations For War: Forces in Position; Commanders Named; Early Start Options Open

February 24, 2003: Saddam Moves Again to Determine Agenda on Conflict

February 24, 2003: Special Report Iran’s Iraqi Gambit: Tehran Decides to Move Specifically Against the US

February 24, 2003: French Deploy Mirages IVs to Saudi Arabia for Iraq Verification

February 23, 2003: Osama Bin Laden And The New Crusader War: Bin Laden’s New, Secret Message to the Islamist Leadership

February 19, 2003: From Cairo to Kabul in 200 Years: Seeing the Parallels for the War on Terror and the Coalition War on Iraq

February 19, 2003: US Reported Seeking Alternative to Turkish Reliance in Conflict With Iraq, But Also Fails to Note That West-Turkish Rift More Over Pan-Turkism

February 11, 2003: Iran, as Predicted by GIS, Announces its Nuclear “Poison Pill”: Acknowledges Domestic Nuclear Self-Sufficiency

February 7, 2003: Special Report US Psychological Operations Escalate Against Iraq

February 7, 2003: Document Remarks on Iraq by US Secretary of State Colin L. Powell to the United Nations General Assembly

January 28, 2003: Iran Reported Considering Declaration on Nuclear Status as “Poison Pill” Against Possible US Intervention

January 27, 2003: Special Report Deliberate Iraqi Flooding Could Channel Invasion Forces

January 15, 2003: Iraqi Ballistic Missile Force Shows Residual Capability, Even Without Consideration of Possible Secret Stockpiles

January 14, 2003: Special Report Iraqi Population, Cultural Patterns Provide Critical Underpinning for Conduct of Conflict, Reconstruction of a Post-Saddam Society

January 9, 2003: Special Report Iraq, Iran, North Korea and WMD: Threat Activated

December 12, 2002: Special Report Iran’s Military Nuclear Capability, Highlighted by Exclusive 1992 Report, Now Critical Part of Persian Gulf Strategic Planning

December 5, 2002: Turkey “Clarifies” Its Future Rôle in a Possible War with Iraq; Makeup of the New Turkish Cabinet

December 3, 2002: Strenuous Attempts by Anti-War Camp in US Administration to Derail Iraqi Weapons Inspections

December 2, 2002: Iraqi Leadership Moves Discreetly to Conflict Locations

December 2, 2002: Special Report Tehran Maneuvers for a Wider War With Israel to Ensure That the US War on Iraq Does Not Leave Iran Isolated and Surrounded

November 27, 2002: Special Report No-Fly Zone Enforcement Seen as Mechanism for Coalition to Roll Into Major Conflict With Iraq

November 22, 2002: Coalition Military Preparations Against Iraq Seen Escalating “On Schedule”

November 19, 2002: Special Report DPRK Acknowledges N-Weapons, Confirming Consistent GIS/DFA Reporting. Link to Saddam’s “Surprise Weapon”

November 8, 2002: Special Report Iraqi War Planning and Strategy Show Detailed Preparations for a Geographically Wide and Multi-Layered Conflict

November 7, 2002: Republican Success in US Congressional Elections Speeds Process of Moving to War Footing Against Iraq

November 4, 2002: Preparations Indicate US Readiness for Conflict With Iraq, Initiated by Air War, Starting Late November 2002

October 29, 2002: US Moves Toward Pre-Positioning in the Horn, Ready for Iraq

October 28, 2002: Special Report Iraq Moves WMD Matériel to Syrian Safe-Havens

October 23, 2002: Analysis/Opinion Removal of Iraqi Pres. Saddam Hussein: an Iranian Opposition Perspective

October 11, 2002: US Looks to Military Action Against Iraq in Early 2003; Saddam’s Viable Options Diminishing

October 2, 2002: Iraq Believed Using Riverine Barges, Vessels, for WMD Storage, Development and Possible Launch

October 1, 2002: Weapons Grade Uranium Moving in Middle East; Iraqi WMD and Delivery Development Being Undertaken in Libya

September 18, 2002: Special Report Iraqi Move to Accept UN Weapons Inspectors Unlikely to Severely Disrupt US Strategic Momentum

September 16, 2002: Special Report Momentum Moving to Support US Action Against Iraq, on Washington’s Timetable

August 30, 2002: Special Report Observations on the Persistence of the Present Unpleasantness in the Middle East

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