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Iraq War 2003: Background, Lessons and Follow-On

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June 17, 2004

US Claims New Iraqi Government Ready to Handle All Ministries by June 30, 2004, Deadline

Senior Coalitional Provisional Authority (CPA) spokesman Dan Senor said on June 15, 2004, that 15 of Iraq's 26 newly-established ministries were now under Iraqi control, and that the remaining 11 ministries would be handed over to Iraqi control by the June 30, 2004, deadline for the transition of governing authority to the Interim Iraqi Government from the Coalition Provisional Authority.

The ministries already under Iraqi control were oil, foreign affairs, health, education, public works and municipalities, science and technology, agriculture, displacement and migration, culture, water resources, industry and minerals, planning and development, youth and sports, environment, and transportation. Those remaining to be turned over were defense, interior, justice, higher education, electricity, communications, human rights, housing and construction, labor, social affairs and trade.

In addition to the progress made with Iraq's ministries, Senor also noted that 90 percent of the country's municipalities now had operating city or town councils. Also, he said, there were now hundreds of political parties in which Iraqis are "freely and peacefully" expressing their political views.