Course Materials


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Delegates to Strategy2011, the Conference on Indian Ocean Trade & Security will receive a significant amount of course material, in the form of a number of books, papers, and — after the conference — electronic files of the Proceedings.

As well, each delegate will receive a free, six-month subscription to the monthly Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy print journal, which covers global issues, but which also focuses heavily on coverage related to the Indo-Pacific region.

Books which will be given to each delegate include (but not limited to):

  • Such a Full Sea: Australia’s Options in a Changing Indian Ocean Region, by Gregory Copley and Andrew Pickford.

  • The Defense & Foreign Affairs Handbook on Pakistan, by Gregory Copley and Purvis Hussain.

  • The Art of Victory in the Indo-Pacific Century, by Gregory Copley.

  • Current copies of Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy journal.

And a wide range of other books and publications, along with conference course materials as required. As well, each delegate will receive, in electronic form, the combined Proceedings of the conference, including all formal paper texts and PowerPoint presentations.