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Who will attend Strategy2011?

Strategy2011 — as with all previous Strategy conferences since 1982 — is open only to senior professionals involved in national security and national policy matters. All discussions are off-the-record, unless speakers specifically allow public quotation, to enable the best possible exchange of information and views in a private and frank situation.

The program is suited to the professional needs of:

  • Ministerial or senior officials in national planning, infrastructure, defense, foreign policy, intelligence, strategic policy, emergency response, or food or energy security;

  • Senior Service officers including Heads of Service;

  • Intelligence and counter-terror officials;

  • Defense industrial planning, marketing and management executives;

  • National-level medical officials;

  • Political risk analysts;

  • Diplomats and other foreign service officers;

  • Defense attachés;

  • Education officials, particularly in the national security, science & technology, and international relations arenas, but also those working in the realm of regional studies;

  • Emergency response officials (inc. police, medical and disaster relief);

  • Homeland Security and Border Protection officials;

  • Financial and investment planners.