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Pamela von Gruber

Pamela von Gruber is Executive Director of the International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA) and Publisher of the Defense & Foreign Affairs group of publications, including the on-line Global Information System (GIS).

Ms von Gruber has been Conference Director of the Strategy conferences and all other ISSA conferences since 1983, has been Publisher of the Defense & Foreign Affairs group of publications for more than two decades. In this capacity, apart from publishing the monthly journal, Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy, she has also been responsible for publishing all of the Defense & Foreign Affairs and ISSA books, including the major, 2,500-page annual Defense & Foreign Affairs Handbook.

In 1999, she was one of the founders of the Global Information System, an encrypted-access, internet-delivered worldwide intelligence service for governments.

Ms von Gruber is also Chair of the Alexandria, Virginia, Emergency Medical Services Council.

Before this, Pamela von Gruber was involved in newspaper publishing in New York, California and Florida.

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